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What Is Hosting

If you require any of these: web hosting services, VPS services, semi-dedicated and dedicated hosting server services, and last but not least cheap domain names and SSL certificates, we suggest you to go and pick them up from NTChosting. You'll be very surprised with their web hosting Control Panel and the various controls added there: the Domain, Email and File Managers are simply outstanding.



Some web hosts allow you to start with a small sized site hosting plan and afterwards shift to a more powerful one, if you consider it obligatory to do so. This is quite suitable, since you do not need to transmit websites between web hosting servers and there is no risk of experiencing service outages due to all the predicaments that may crop up. Web hosting providers such as 'NTCHosting' are offering all sorts of website hosting solutions and possess the necessary web server resources and personnel to assure that their customers will not encounter any hassles when changing services, which is what a top hosting firm is in fact all about.


Web Hosting Services

There are different kinds of web hosting services suitable for different web portals with regard to the resources or the web space hosting environment they require. At NTC Hosting, there is a huge array of web site hosting solutions appropriate for private or small business portals that even provide pre-installed script-driven platforms like Joomla, Mambo, Drupal or WordPress - to render things easier.


Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

A reseller hosting solution is a sort of hosting user account, which permits the user to set up separate sub-accounts that can be resold to various clients. This is mainly achieved by bestowing the user with access to a master reseller account, via which he can set up separate web hosting accounts using the web server disk space included in the hosting reseller package, for which he pays a given fee. This is much like the shared web hosting service and exactly like it, with the majority of reseller programs, numerous web hosting reseller accounts share one single server and are not furnished with full server root access to the web server config files.


Hosting Reseller

There are many ways of making money on the World Wide Web and one of them is to sell the hosting solutions supplied by a particular company. This offers infinite opportunities for everybody who wishes to make supplementary cash. There are several sorts of reseller web hosting services, depending on the reseller's degree of commitment and, of course, on the hosting company that offers the hosting service.


Reseller Web Hosting Explained

There is, though, one particular reseller hosting solutions provider I've found that offers you a free-of-charge reseller hosting account with all that included in it - a ready-for-use website, a billing software system and even support for your clients. The reseller hosting company is Resellers Panel and their reseller hosting program is unique on the marketplace, as they bill and support your customers for you, and permit you to sell their web hosting services without having to buy anything upfront yourself. What is more, they allow you to resell all their web hosting solutions - shared hosting solutions, Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated and dedicated web hosting solutions


VPS Web Hosting

VPS Web Hosting

There are many different CPs, but some of them are more famous than the rest - Hepsia, cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin. If you purchase a virtual private web server, you can use the hosting CP that the web hosting corporation is providing, or you can activate your own. This interface will permit you to administer domain names, files, databases, FTP accounts, mails and everything that has to do with your hosting user account. Managing a private virtual web server hosting account is not different from administering a shared account, so if you have any experience with the latter, there won't be anything unfamiliar to you if you purchase a virtual web server. More competent users can access the VPS web server through an SSH tunnel too.


Virtual Private Server

A virtual server is an ideal choice for famous web sites that need a lot of system resources. It is sufficiently robust but simultaneously it is much more affordable than a dedicated server. If the hosting vendor supplies a set of different plans, upgrading from one to the other is also simple and no web site migration will be necessary, so there will be no downtime as far as the domain names that are kept on the VPS hosting server are concerned. The management is not much different than that of a shared site hosting account, but the performance is much better as far as dependability and speed are concerned.


What Is a Virtual Private Server

Nowadays it has become very simple to create a web portal by yourself with all the free-of-cost site layouts that are obtainable on the web together with free-of-charge web apps that are applicable even for newbies. Thus, a lot of new sites are born each day, incl. weblogs - where the author can tackle various issues that come to mind, and picture galleries - where individuals can display photos and the history behind them online. These web sites must be hosted someplace and one relevant website hosting option is a virtual private web server.


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers Hosting

Together with the option to host your own domain names, a dedicated web server offers you the possibility to start your own personal web space hosting company and to offer hosting services to other individuals. Lots of web page hosting Control Panel tools offer a web hosting reseller administration software supplement, so if you have a billing transaction & customer support solution like as WHMCS, AWBS or ClientExec, you can establish your hosting business, creating a variety of web hosting plans for your prospective customers. You can also provide technical support to your clients directly, and, since you have root-level access, you can install software on demand, so your customers will be gratified with the service they get.


Dedicated Hosting

Most website hosting companies, including ResellersPanel.com, offer different hardware architectures you can select from in accordance with your needs. The configurations offer different varieties of processors, a different amount of cores, different RAM and disk drive sizes and different web traffic allowances. You can pick a hosting CP, which is a handy GUI if you wish to use the web server for web hosting purposes solely and choose not to use a Secure Shell terminal for all the modifications you will be making. ResellersPanel.com, for instance, offers 3 types of hosting Control Panel software - Hepsia, DirectAdmin and cPanel.


Dedicated Server Hosting

Thank goodness I actually decided to ask NTC Hosting's tech support, just in case, if they had any solution for the problem, since I really like their services and have been using them for over a year. I knew that on a shared hosting server there would be no chance of enabling JSE or support for ASP, since those are global server changes. To my greatest relief, it turned out they offer dedicated server hosting as well. I hadn't noticed that at all, as absent-minded and overworked as I am lately.


Domain Names

Cheap Domain

Once you've picked your domain name and your future domain name registrar, you have to ascertain whether the domain name you want to register is available for registration, since somebody else might have taken it before you, no matter how embarrassing this might be. Each domain registrar company, including NTC Hosting, has a tool at their signup page, which ascertains the availability of a given domain name. To proceed with the registration of a domain name, you have to fill in certain registrant details - the personal name, the address, the e-mail address and the telephone number of the registrant of the domain.


Domain Registration

A domain name is the alpha-numeric combination that you will pick to be the address for the online portal: my-best-domain.com, for example. A domain can be up to sixty four characters long and it consists of two pieces - a Top-Level Domain (TLD) and a Second-Level Domain (SLD). In the abovementioned instance, my-best-domain is the SLD, and .com is the Top-Level Domain. While you can choose the second-level domain name of the domain to be anything that is free to register, there is a finite number of Top-Level Domains to pick from. The Top-Level Domains can be generic (gTLDs) or country-code (ccTLDs), and can be registered for a particular spell of time between one and 10 years. They may include more stipulations with respect to the registrant.


Cheap Domain Name

The majority of domain names are registered for a term of one to ten years, but some given top-level domain names can be registered for at least two years, or for no more than 5, for instance. You can also transfer your domain name between different domain registrars and again, different TLDs involve different rules for that. Before you register your domain name, it is appropriate to get informed about what particular criteria there are for the given top-level domain name that you've picked. A suitable illustration is the cheap domain chart at 'NTC Hosting' where you can view quite an enormous collection of supported domain name extensions and extensive information regarding the transfer and pre-registration criteria imposed, as well as the registration term for some of the more characteristic top-level domain names.


Free Web Hosting

Free Domain Web Hosting

Since the accounts are free, the web hosting package quotas will be limited in terms of web storage and monthly traffic, whereas database support or the possibility to send electronic mails may even not be present whatsoever. Certain hosts also impose file size limits, which may influence the quality of your web portal - all images and animations would have to be sufficiently small to fit into these quota limits.


Free Web Hosting

If the free hosting account you are using is restricting you too much, FreeHostia.com offers you the possibility to switch to a cut-price hosting package without the need to migrate your website hosting account to another web hosting server. Their Starter plan costs just 3 dollars/month if you prepay for 1 year, which is amazingly cheap! It includes an in-built online website building tool and an extremely useful one-click PHP-powered script installation tool that can make your life much easier, so it's absolutely worth it to upgrade your charge-free hosting account if you want to have no file size quota limits and to receive complimentary gifts.


Free Web Hosting Solutions

100 Webspace is a UK-registered hosting supplier, which furnishes cost-free web hosting accounts. The chief reason why they can supply cost-free website hosting accounts without any banners is the circumstance that you can maintain just one single free-of-charge web hosting user account with them, whereas hosting corporations that incorporate banner ads on your web sites allow you to open as many free website hosting accounts as you decide.